The Interviews

Welcome to the heart of this project, the Canadian Women in Design interviews. Here you can browse through different professional women across Canada, working in the field of design. We’ll be releasing 1-2 interviews per month, so check back often for more inspiration.


Vikki Wiercinski

“I thought I like art, and I like computers! and promptly found myself learning Photoshop and designing posters for the high school’s drama class plays in the nerdy computer lab filled with 98% tech boys. We had a lot of fun, they all taught me how to play Dungeons and Dragons...”

Vikki is a multi-disciplinary designer who's made the 12 years of her career all about experimentation and entreneurship. Named Designer of the Year for her patterns and colourways at Mezzaluna Studio, Vikki also licenses custom artwork to companies focussed on the apparel, home goods and architectural fields. She enjoys making bright and bold graphic design work for local arts non-profits, and maintaining a visual arts practice in drawing and ceramics. Vikki is also an event director bi-annually curating and producing one of the best art and design fairs in North America: the Royal Bison Fair. [Read More...]


Kelly Hartman

Kelly Hartman is the Principal and Creative Director of Hartman Design Studio, based in Calgary, Alberta. [Read More...]


Kate Golding

For me, part of my intent when creating a design is to share with the viewer the joy I felt... [Read More...]


Valéry Goulet

I am proud of being able to be honest and straightforward. I am not sure how it started... [Read More...]


Melanie Lambrick

Melanie Lambrick loves to make big and bold, graphic illustrations that elevate text, and help readers understan... [Read More...]


Jag Nagra

With over 12 years of experience as a Graphic Designer behind her, Jag Nagra is an Illustrator from Vancouver, Canada. [Read More...]


Esra Tasdemir

Esra Tasdemir is a graphic designer and art director based in Toronto. A graduate of the Graphic Design... [Read More...]

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