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Welcome to the heart of this project, the Canadian Women in Design interviews. Here you can browse through different professional women across Canada, working in the field of design. We’ll be releasing interview from time to time, so check back often for more inspiration.


Elizabeth Laferrière

“I think it’s about time women get higher positions in the creative industry and that we are trusted more. We live in a society that puts a lot of value into hard skills; women are strong because we can bring nuance and empathy to workplace leadership.”

Art Director and graphic designer, Elizabeth Laferrere creates still and moving images that encompass her poetic, sensitive and spontaneous vision. .... [Read More...]


Kelly Hartman

Kelly Hartman is the Principal and Creative Director of Hartman Design Studio, based in Calgary, Alberta. [Read More...]


Jag Nadra

With over 12 years of experience as a Graphic Designer behind her, Jag Nagra is an Illustrator from Vancouver, Canada. [Read More...]


Melanie Lambrick

Melanie Lambrick loves to make big and bold, graphic illustrations that elevate text, and help readers understan... [Read More...]


Kate Golding

For me, part of my intent when creating a design is to share with the viewer the joy I felt... [Read More...]


Esra Tasdemir

Esra Tasdemir is a graphic designer and art director based in Toronto. A graduate of the Graphic Design... [Read More...]


Valéry Goulet

I am proud of being able to be honest and straightforward. I am not sure how it started... [Read More...]


Vikki Wiercinski

Vikki is a multi-disciplinary designer who's made the 12 years of her career all about experimentation... [Read More...]


Skye Oleson-Cormack

Skye is a multi-disciplinary designer based in Montreal, QC. She currently runs Fingers Crossed Press... [Read More...]


Nicola Hamilton

Nicola is a Toronto-based art director and graphic designer, whose work has been internationally... [Read More...]


Kylie Henry

Kylie is a proud immigrant to Canada, having moving here from New Zealand in 2005. Named one of the top 11 Young Designers in Canada by Design Edge Magazine, she has been... [Read More...]


Karolina Łoboda

Founded in 2008 by Creative Director duo Karolina Łoboda and Neil Rodman,  Toronto based The White Room (TWR) studio has developed enduring design for almost 20 years. [Read More...]


Emily Chu

Emily is an award winning illustrator. Born in Beijing, she grew up near the rockies in Alberta, Canada. Originally a designer and textile artist, Emily currently... [Read More...]


Women of RAM

With over 50 years of combined experience, these women worked tirelessly to develop the brand and exhibitions within the new RAM. In this interview, each team member speaks to career experiences... [Read More...]


Claire Dawson

Claire is the creative director and co-founder of Underline Studio, a multi-disciplinary graphic design agency based in Toronto, Canada. Underline's client list is consciously diverse, ranging from... [Read More...]


Sydney Johnson

Sydney owns Three Times True, a user research and service design consultancy. Through in-depth user research, user experience strategy, and exceptional service design, Sydney helps businesses to...[Read More...]


Laura Prpich

Laura Prpich owns Caribou Creative, a graphic design studio in the Comox Valley that wholeheartedly believes successful brands stem from great design. [Read More...]

Rhea Leibel_square

Rhea Leibel

Rhea Leibel is a graphic designer and art director living in Regina, Saskatchewan. She currently works as a designer in brand at Farm Credit Canada and illustrates on the side [Read More...]


Vanessa Eckstein

Known for her passion for taking on initiatives that blend cultural awareness, humanity and a love of art to advance society and business alike, Vanessa’s experiences living and working in Buenos Aires... [Read More...]


Gillian Harvey

Gillian is an Assistant Professor in Design Studies, Department of Art & Design at the University of Alberta, where she teaches design theory, practice, and research in the... [Read More...]


Eliane Cadieux

Eliane is Cofounder & Creative Director at BESIDE, a biannual print magazine in French and English. BESIDE aims to bridge the gap between humans and nature—with high-quality... [Read More...]


CWID Interviewee

Andrea Tétrault is a partner at Tétro Design, a creative agency in Winnipeg co-founded in 1998 with her husband Paul. [Read More...]


Yazmin Butcher

As seen in the ‘failing New York Times,’ Yazmin Butcher is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Toronto. [Read More...]


Jessica Oddi

“To me, being a woman in this business means having the opportunity to uplift and to assist in diversifying the field. Being a woman means I know the importance of practicing inclusive and diverse values to remove sexism from production and branding.” [Read More...]


Daej Hamilton

Based in Toronto, founder and principle designer, Daej Hamilton started Daej Designs company at 22 years old. Luxuriating in her 11th year of woodworking, her pieces... [Read More...]

"An inuksuk on a rocky shore against the sunset lit sky and waters of Georgian Bay in Craigleith Provincial Park near Collingwood, Ontario.  An inuksuk is a stone landmark originally used by Native North Americans such as the Inuit.  An inuksuk built in the shape of a human figure is called an inunnguaq.  These landmarks have become a cultural symbol of Canada and it's North.The shale that forms the shore in this part of  Georgian Bay is studded with invertebrate fossils believed to be more than 400 million years old."

Outcrop Communications

Welcome to a special WICD interview featuring the team at Outcrop Communications! With over 37 years of combined experience, these creative women of the North inspire.... [Read More...]


CWID Interviewee

Upcoming interview!


Daej Hamilton

Upcoming interview!

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